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TLC Gainesville Consult Night - Fall 2012

posted Oct 3, 2012, 6:08 PM by Jen Weigel
From the desks of Joan Reich and Nicole Lowry:

Since we had a good response to our first Gainesville Consult Night back in August, we are having a second one in Gainesville on the 24th.  Our Fall Consult Events are usually our most successful, because people are planning to use FSA and HSA funds (either for the end of 2012 or 2013).

Most of you know that TLC has a Consult Center in Gainesville.  You may also know that Nicole and I set up Consult Days and Consult Nights in ECP practices, where we do some preliminary testing, and educate patients on the procedure. We’ve been very successful with these events, and most patients who attend them will schedule the next step (with us)—coming to TLC Tysons for scans, definite qualification and detailed information on pricing, financing and everything not covered previously.  If they make that step, there is a very high likelihood that they also end up scheduling the procedure. Our success with Consult Nights is even more assured, because Dr. Holzman does the consultations!  The big attraction, of course, is that the patients can meet the surgeon one-on-one right at their neighborhood eye doctor’s office!. 

There’s only been one “down side” to that.  Some practices just feel they would have a hard time filling a 2 hour schedule with enough patients to make it worth Dr. Holzman’s time to come to their practice (not that he feels that way, but some of the ECPs do).  So we’ve come up with an alternative we hope will work for you! 

We are having a consult night for your interested patients on Wednesday Evening, October 24th from 6:30 to 8:30. at our Gainesville Consult Center with Dr. Holzman!!

Nicole and I are distributing the flyers and lead sheets to your offices.  They are also attached here.  The consults are being scheduled through our Tysons Corner Center (301-556-9155).  All you have to do is:

  1. Talk to your patients with any level of interest in LASIK about this great opportunity—it’s a free consultation with the LASIK surgeon you  recommend, at a convenient location and time.
  2. Ideally, we would like you to call Tysons while the patients are in your office and get them scheduled for the Gainesville Consult Night right there. If that‘s not possible…
  3. Send in the attached Lead Sheet and we will follow up with the patients to get them scheduled.
  4. Give the patients one of the flyers (also attached)  to remind them about the Consult Night

That’s it!  We’ll handle the rest, and of course, send your patient back to you for pre and   Please contact either Nicole or me if you have any questions. Thanks for your support!  

Joan ( and Nicole (   

Gainesville Lead Sheet

Gainesville Consult Night Flyer