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Advisory Board Brainstorms New Ideas for TLC Tysons Corner

posted Apr 20, 2013, 10:40 AM by Jen Weigel

The new 2013 Advisory Board met on Tuesday evening.  Advisory Board members present were:  Drs. Frank Cassella, Rick Jablonski, Tom Finley, Meera Sutaria, Dora Adamopoulos, and Rob Allen.

We discussed a number of different topics:

- It would be nice if we could notify Affiliates that we have made contact with their patient to schedule a consultation visit.  If the patient could not be reached by us, then having some kind of notification that the patient could not be reached would allow the Affiliate to help us follow up on their lead.  A fax directly from our computers to your fax machine might be an efficient way to accomplish this task.  We did this at the referral center where I did my residency training.  Not everyone was approved to see post-op cataract patients immediately after surgery, but we still updated their referring OD on the status of the visit.  While the patient was still in the room, I would type up a quick form report and fax directly from my computer.  I'll check with IT to see if we can get this done.

- With Dr. Holzman growing in his coverage area, it has been somewhat of a challenge to get him to all of the consult nights that have been requested.  While Joan and Nicole have worked as diligently as possible to schedule every office with Dr. Holzman, you could also imagine that it would be hard for him to keep up with such a busy pace.  He's in surgery 3-4 days a week, all of them long days full of cases, and then a consult night makes for a longer day.  We want him to be as fresh and full of energy on surgery days, right?!  Some ideas ... More consult days where Joan and Nicole can meet with your patients in your office to discuss financial and scheduling information, visits where your PRC and I visit patients in your office to further discuss candidacy (I would be Dr. Holzman's understudy!).  Can you come up with other ideas .. please!?

- We wanted to throw around the idea of having new Affiliates or returning Affiliates completing a certification process before becoming approved for co-management.  This wouldn't be for the ODs that have long been referring patients to us and actively co-managing patients.  The target might be ... a new-to-the-profession OD who might not have had a lot of refractive surgery education in school, or a new-to-the-area OD who worked in co-mx with a practice where they used to be but wants to learn more about Dr. Holzman's style, or a welcome-back-to-the-Network OD who hasn't actively co-mx for a while but would like to return to this mode of practice.  Ideally, we'd have Affiliates visit the Center to see how things are run by viewing surgeries, consultations, and post-ops.  For those working longer hours, then maybe I could go visit you in your office to show you, maybe via PowerPoint Presentation, what we like to see from our Affiliates.  Other ideas out there?!

Looking forward to our next meeting in the Fall.  - jw