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All Eyes Optometrists

posted Feb 17, 2014, 5:28 PM by Jen Weigel
So, what happens when you haven't visited with a practice in a long while?  They add more doctors and they open up new office locations, and then you feel like you've been out of the loop!

That's what happened when Nicole and I met up with All Eyes Optometrists in Centreville last Wednesday.  Snow was starting to come down, gas was no where to be found, and I'm sure bread and TP were flying off the supermarket shelves.  But, we sure did have fun together as we looked for ways to bump up their LASIK volume.

All Eyes has set their referral goal to be twice of what it was last year.  To help reach their goal, we're going to hold consult events at each of their office locations.  Consult events are a great way to generate interest in potential LASIK patients.  A successful LASIK experience is a great morale booster for optometrist and patient alike!  - jw