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American Optometric Association Honors

posted Aug 11, 2012, 10:17 AM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Aug 11, 2012, 10:18 AM ]
There were some familiar faces in the most recent edition of the American Optometric Association newsletter.

Dr. George Brown was officially recognized as Virginia's Optometrist of the Year.  I have personally worked with Dr. Brown for the past three years on the Virginia Optometric Association's Board of Trustees.  He has always proven to be a well-organized, thought-provoking leader with great intuition.  Great job, Dr. Brown!

I was also recognized a the VOA's Young OD of the Year.  When I first graduated, everyone always referred to me as the "young" one, and "older" docs like Dr. Brown would also pay for my dinner.  Boy, how times have changed!  It's been quite a while since a patient asked how long I had been practicing, and yes, the dinner tab usually gets placed in front of me now.  : )

Since I'm not one to boast, we actually have a guest blogger today:  Dr. Andrew Holzman.  You all ... or as they say in Texas, y'all ... know him, right?

"The whole staff and I are very excited and proud to hear about Dr. Weigel being recognized as one of the top 50 young difference makers in the field of Optometry.  It is no surprise to us that Dr. Weigel belongs in that group as Jen is an outstanding Clinical Director for us at TLC Tysons Corner, the busiest TLC consult site in the country.  Despite a very busy schedule, Dr. Weigel also somehow finds time to take on leadership roles in the Virginia Optometric societies and keeps a high level of passion for their causes. Congratulations to you, Dr. Weigel!!  We are very proud of you here at TLC."

Dr. Holzman relayed this info up to the VP of TLC.  I was so surprised to get a personal email from Mr. Bob Ryan congratulating me.  I'm going to frame that email! - jw

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