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Anne's Putting Her Best Boot Forward

posted May 20, 2013, 4:33 PM by Jen Weigel

Boots are really good for protecting you from snakes and scorpions.  Anne and family will need a good pair of them if they want to fair well in their new home near ABQ, New Mexico!

Anne's last day as a surgical coordinator at TLC Tysons Corner was this past Saturday.  To celebrate and wish her farewell, we had a catered fajita bar, and it tasted so good!  From here, she'll pack up her bags and head out to important missionary work in a whole new place that will quickly become a loving home.

For the past eleven years, Anne has demonstrated flexibility in work locations, having started at TLC Fairfax, moving to TLC Reston, then finally landing at TLC Tysons Corner.  She has been a consistent patient counselor who kept patients' needs as a priority.  In addition to coordinating surgical details, if you're really nice to Anne, then she has been known to sing to you.  Dang, if you're super duper nice to her, she's even inclined to throw in a dance, too!

Knowing Anne has taught me a lot of valuable things.  Believe in your dreams and work hard to make them become a reality.  Don't let your surroundings affect your ability to have a warm, open heart that is accepting of all people.  I'll miss you and your family, Anne!  - jw