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ARMD Update From Dr. Mansour

posted May 2, 2015, 5:11 PM by Jen Weigel
I had forgotten temporarily to discuss Dr. Mansour's ARMD update at our last CE lecture in February.  It was really a continuation of his 2014 lecture.  So much of my time is spent with focus on laser vision correction that updates on other areas of eye care are very appreciated.

There are good parallels with the field of laser vision correction.  

In ARMD, Dr. Mansour discussed the many different clinical tools that we now have available to predict ARMD development and to detect it at an earlier time than ever before.  Once ARMD has developed, Dr. Mansour demonstrated how much progress has been made in this arena, too.  I was very surprised to see that doxycycline also plays a role in treatment here.  The medication shows up everywhere!  My dog even used it to treat her Lyme Disease!

In LVC, there are improvements in the analysis of the pre-surgery cornea, making it harder to become ideal LASIK and PRK candidates.  Once you gain entry into surgery, there are many improvements in flap creation and laser sculpting of the cornea for vision correction.  - jw