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Busy Week at TLC Tysons Corner!

posted Sep 29, 2012, 3:22 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Sep 29, 2012, 3:25 PM ]
Wow, was this a busy week or what?!

In my opinion, TLC has proven yet again to be such a wonderful supporter of optometry and optometrists.

TLC encourages all of their staff optometrists to participate in organized optometry at any level.  On Sunday, I went down to Richmond to prepare for the annual VOPAC/Legal Legislative Fund Phone Bank held on the following day.  Thanks to all the docs that took my phone call, and an even bigger thanks to all the docs that donated money to support their profession's future legislative efforts.  If you still need to donate, click here to get started!

Tuesday marked the first day of training for our new crop of per diem optometrists.  The group of 3 ODs comes at a perfect time as we prepare for the busy FSA season.  We're at the point right now where they can get started with an easy-ish schedule before their "hope you have your roller skates on" clinic days start near the end of October.  Return to OD Central over the next few weeks to see pictures and bios of our new doctors!

TLC definitely encourages constant education of its OD staff.  Staff OD Patty Woo and I spent Wednesday and Thursday with our AMO Trainer Danielle.  She led us through our IntraLase laser, VISX laser, and Wavescan training sessions.  Best part of laser training, hands down, for both of us was actually firing the laser.  Second best for me was finding out that we have a real-life manual lensometer in the office!  Once we finish our online test, we'll be certified in these three areas.  Thanks, Danielle, for your awesome training insights!

Thursday marked the official kickoff of the TLC Tysons Corner fundraiser for Optometry Giving Sight's World Sight Challenge.  For every consultation done from now until World Sight Day on Thursday, October 11, 2012, TLC is donating $5 to this worthy cause.  I've made my donation already!  If you want to donate, ask your PRC how you can help others see.  Many thanks to Lyzzy for decorating the office!

Finally Friday arrived in time to do our new photo shoot of the office and docs for the upcoming revamping of the TLC corporate website, and they wanted new pics of all of their centers and docs.  We had a great time posing for the suggested shots that corporate wanted, even more fun with creative shots like having Mike Wazowski, the monocular dude from Monsters Inc, chillin' out in the Zen Room.  Photos to come.  They are going to be fantastic!

TLC also encourages their ODs to be active in their local communities, so I capped of the week by volunteering with my Kiwanis Club of Tysons Corner/McLean.  We packed food donations this morning at the Columbia Baptist Crossroads Food Pantry which is open for volunteers every Saturday.  Demand is high, donations low.  If you want to donate food, I can help coordinate.  If you want to volunteer with my Kiwanis Club, check out our website for event schedules and details.  I'd love to show you off to my volunteer family!  -jw