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CPR Can Save Lives

posted Oct 10, 2015, 5:20 PM by Jen Weigel
On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, our entire Tysons Corner office attended CPR training through the American Red Cross.  Our instructor was so patient with us.  We are a pretty lively crowd, so of course we peppered with her with questions throughout the entire day.  

When I watch people do CPR on TV medical dramas, it looks easy, but in real life, it takes lots of effort to correctly complete the dummy's chest compressions.  I could imagine that it is immensely harder to perform such life-saving tasks in a real emergency.  How do our first-line responders do this on an every day basis?  Their work is to be applauded.

We also learned the Heimlich Maneuver.  (Oh, my.  I kept wondering why this that phrase wasn't getting highlighted on my spell checker, and it turns out I spelled it correctly on my first try!  National Spelling Bee, here I come!)  Later in August, I read an article about how the Mayor of Dallas (where I'm from) saved a woman's life when she was joking on food.  Great job, Mayor!  

As I write this delayed blog in October, it's soon after the unexpected passing of our Regional Director Richard Habib from a heart attack.  This drives home the importance of learning ... and applying ... CPR and other life-saving techniques.  Even being aware of your environment and calling 911 at the first sign of emergency is a heroic action!  - jw