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Dr. Armand Oei - Springfield

posted Oct 10, 2015, 6:49 PM by Jen Weigel
On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, the elusive Dr. Armand Oei and I finally met.  For years (hmmm ... maybe it felt like years, but it might have actually only been months), Nicole Lowry and I had been trying to meet Dr. Oei in person.  We had noticed that a lot of his patients had been seeking LVC with Dr. Holzman, but because he was not an Affiliate, we couldn't co-manage with him.  Many times we had been to Springfield to try to visit him, and it is sad how many times we missed him.  E for effort, I suppose.  But, congratulations Nicole for finally succeeding where I had always failed.  Dr. Oei became an Affiliate this summer, and his first patient was a relative!  How awesome!  

Dr. Oei was such a kind, gentle soul.  I was trying my best to be upbeat for him, but it was so hard to do because I was still in shock from having to put my beloved Pepper down the afternoon before his visit.  She had been seeing so many vets for the past few months, and no one was able to pin down a diagnosis for her failing health despite a ton of tests.  My brave little girl was so tough until the very end, and we just were so grateful to have her in our lives.  Dr. Oei asked me if I was OK, and then it suddenly dawned on me:  Oh, crap!  He's never met me before, so he's hoping that I'm having an off day because that's a lot better than finding out that I'm always a party pooper!  When I explained to him the unique situation and that it had me distracted, he showed such compassion, and it really helped me feel better.  I immediately knew that his patients would be well-cared for in his hands!  - jw

Miss you, Pepper!