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Dr. Ganesh Sivaguru

posted Oct 22, 2016, 4:59 PM by Jen Weigel
June 8, 2016

Dr. Sivaguru visited our TLC Tysons office last week.  It was an unusually slow day for us, but that was actually worked out better because Dr. Sivaguru and Dr. Holzman were able to spend more time together to discuss things.  And, whereas most don't get to observe PRK, he was able to see two PRK procedures and some post-ops.  I think that's probably more helpful vs LASIK because most tend to have some familiarity with LASIK, none with PRK.  I really enjoyed meeting him in person.  

Here's the sweetest thing that I remember about his visit:  We had started a pre-op exam together, but about half-way through, I thought that I heard Dr. Holzman's voice so I excused myself from the room to go check on the status.  I didn't want Dr. Sivaguru to miss surgery observation!  Well, it turns out that the procedures were about to start, so I asked Dr. Sivaguru to come out into the hall to go over what to do.  I was just going to whisk him away to get started, and then he did something that demonstrated to me how he cares for his patients.  He asked for just a one-second "delay" in starting surger observation so that he could return to our pre-op patient and thank her for the opportunity to sit in on her visit!  WOW!  That was the nicest thing!  We should all remember to be so kind as he was that day.  

Here we are with our new KAMRA banner display to help educate patients on this new surgical correction for presbyopia.  I actually had kind of a tough time putting it together since it's quite a bit taller than I am!  - jw