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Dr. Gurkiran Gulati - Fairfax County

posted May 2, 2015, 1:18 PM by Jen Weigel
Playing catch up on posts again.

Dr. Gulati was kind enough to spend a morning with us back in January.  We actually spent a good amount of time discussing dry eye management.  It was good to get other perspectives on this topic.  I know we always say it is boring to attend yet another dry eye lecture, but it really is good for us to learn from each other every once in a while.  I have learned new things, restarted doing things that I hadn't done in a while, rephrased questions, etc ... after discussions with peers.

I was also jealous to learn that Dr. Gulati had recently been visiting my home state of Texas often!  As anyone who knows a native Texan has come to find, we have lots of state pride.  While I can't get back home as often as I would like, I am happy to see that Chuy's has made its way closer to me.  If you want Tex-Mex food with flavor and pop, definitely check this place out!  - jw