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Dr. Laura Frederick, Fairfax, VA

posted Jan 20, 2013, 6:11 PM by Jen Weigel
Maybe I didn't notice this before with other visitors, but did I have a lot of staff comment about how cute Dr. Frederick was on her visit to the Center last Thursday?  They must have also liked the fact that Dr. Frederick has young kids like many of the members of the TLC Tysons Corner staff.

Those of you who know me are pretty sure that I lack athletic finesse, so you'd  be surprised to know that Dr. Frederick and I actually ran around the office together!  We were supposed to observe a PRK procedure right after lunch, but we got to talking about the differences between practice in primary care and refractive surgery.  Just as I was mentioning how I miss working with kids, it dawned on me that we were possibly missing the PRK procedure!  Ahhhhhh!  We made a mad dash to the OR and found Dr. Holzman half way through the first eye.  Just in time!

Thanks so much, Dr. Frederick, for making it an exciting Thursday!  - jw