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Dr. Lisa Ibrahim

posted Oct 12, 2013, 12:54 PM by Jen Weigel

A few weeks ago, we had Dr. Amy Tevar visiting, and last week, we were able to host her classmate, Dr. Lisa Ibrahim.  

Dr. Ibrahim must have been a ninja in a past life.  When she was done seeing patients with Dr. Holzman, she snuck into an exam room where I was seeing a patient.  I had no clue she had entered the room, and the patient did not even blink or look up at her to clue me in.  Very stealthy.  : )

If you ever wondered about our non-candidacy rate (the rate at we decline to proceed with any surgery), then just ask Dr. Ibrahim because she witnessed it many times over during her visit.  Holy high myopes with thin pachs and shallow anterior chamber depths!  

Many thanks to our very own Natasha for carving our Halloween pumpkins.  I bought these foam pumkins at the Home Depot, and Natasha added her creative flare to them!  - jw