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Dr. Negar Gohari, Manassas, VA

posted Jun 10, 2012, 5:36 PM by Jen Weigel
Dr. Gohari and I have seen each other, for one reason or another, just about every week for the past month.  Either she's stalking me or I'm stalking her, right?!  : )

During Dr. Gohari's visit on Friday, I confirmed that we both had keen senses of smell. Neural desensitization can be a wonderful thing sometimes.  Did you know that while the lasers are ablating corneal tissue, there is a certain specific smell that is created?  Dr. Holzman says that the smell is different for each patient!  Very interesting.

We also found Dr. Holzman sitting outside eating lunch.  It was a bright, sunny day with very little humidity, so he was out there enjoying the best nature had to offer.  But, gasp!  He was without proper UV protection which quickly prompted me to get on my soapbox for a small educational moment.  Dr. Gohari was able to corroborate my story.  That's how optometrists roll, you know.

If I don't see you again soon, Dr. Gohari, I might go into withdrawal!  - jw

   Dr. Gohari is diligently completing her CE homework.