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Dr. Ornella Aluwiesi

posted May 12, 2013, 7:02 PM by Jen Weigel

Dr. Aluwiesi is new to the area, but she and Dr. Holzman seem to have known each other forever.  As you know, Dr. Holzman has strong ties to Florida which just happens to be Dr. Aluwiesi's home state.  She even knows one of Dr. H's closest OMD colleague that practices in Florida!  Small world.

Dr. Aluwiesi came to us with previous refractive surgery co-management experience.  Explains why she was so at ease with all of our patients during her visit last week!  The more exposure one has to refractive surgery co-management, the easier it is to promote your co-mx practice to patients.  This is definitely a great way to grow your practice.

No pressure Dr. Aluwiesi, but Joan predicts that you are going to be a future Top Referring Affiliate!  -jw