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Dr. Seung Woo Hong, Winchester, VA

posted May 8, 2012, 5:52 PM by Jen Weigel
What an exciting time we had when Dr. Hong visited the Center today!

It took me forever to wrangle Dr. Hong away from Dr. Holzman this morning.  Every time I stopped by to get some time with our visitor, Dr. Holzman was busy showing him surgical techniques and discussing clinical pearls.  It was hard to separate them!

Dr. Holzman showed us my first-ever case of granular dystrophy.  This patient had decreased BCVA and intermittent eye pain from secondary RCE.  Unfortunately, the patient also did not have insurance, so Dr. Holzman promised that he would help this patient the best he could.

Then, we saw a patient that was one-week out from a LASIK enhancement from a TLC Center from another state.  On Day 3 post-op, she went and had a complete face lift!  OMG!  Totally not the recommended time frame for having this surgical procedure.

We spent lunch talking about the recent Secret Service debacle in Columbia, amongst other things.  All I can say is that I certainly did not pick that topic!  -jw