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Dr. Sheebani Bathija visited us today

posted Oct 6, 2011, 6:42 PM by Jen Weigel
Dr. Sheebani Bathija took time out of her schedule to hang out with the TLC Tysons Corner team today.  She's been an Affiliate for a few years, but this was her official visit during clinic hours. 

The absolute funniest part of the day was when Dr. Holzman misunderstood a comment made by Dr. Bathija.  She was telling me that she did not have any cravings during her pregnancy.  Somehow, he thought she was saying that nothing had been learned from shadowing him all morning!  You should have seen his expression!  He's always full of cool clinical insights.

Dr. Bathija:  After your baby is born in December, we expect to see baby pics!  - jw

So far, all of our clinic visitors have been about my height which makes Dr. Holzman seem very tall.  For some variety, let's try to make our next visitor something like 5' 6" or higher.  Also, at the far right, is Lyzzy, our front desk master.  We put an iPad up there with her so that surgery patients could post to our Facebook page while in the office.