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Drs. Keith Smithson and Linda Miller, Alexandria, VA

posted Nov 19, 2012, 6:37 PM by Jen Weigel
For an office that's pretty easy to find, I sure did get lost on my way there.  In retrospective analysis, I think I got lost because of my own cockiness.  I thought for sure that I was making good time in the HOT lane, but in the end, my first foray into the HOT lane turned to be not so ... hot.  Anyone up for helping me review my southern Beltway geography?!  

Despite my tardiness, Drs. Smithson and Miller along with their staff were just the most amazing hosts. They immediately put me at ease, saying that all was good.  That really kept me from freaking out.  

I found that their office was hoppin'.  They were both very hands-on docs, quite instrumental in helping with pachymetry, flow of the entire night, and also creating enthusiasm among all of their patients.  This sure was a great way to pull off a consult night, especially considering that the first attempt at it was unexpectedly cancelled by a little thing called Hurricane Sandy!  

Thanksgiving holidays are coming up soon.  Hope everyone out there will keep themselves safe and stuffed with plenty of pecan pie!  - jw

Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry, Alexandria, VA