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In Memorium: Norman S Jaffe, MD (1924 - 2015)

posted May 2, 2015, 1:50 PM by Jen Weigel
From an ASCRS e-newsletter:

In Memorium: Norman S. Jaffe, MD (1924–2015)

Norman S. Jaffe, MDASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame honoree Norman S. Jaffe (2003), best known as the tireless champion of intraocular lens (IOL) and cataract surgery, has recently passed away at age 90.

“With Norm Jaffe's passing, we lost a pivotal figure in the history of contemporary ophthalmology. He understood that ophthalmology's vocal leadership opposed IOL implantation, yet his belief in this procedure was so strong that he forged an academic alliance to study the results of IOL surgery. His leadership made IOL implantation a credible procedure. Without his foresight and perseverance, the cause of IOL implantation would have been set back for many years. We're all indebted to Norman as a leader, teacher, mentor and friend. To Gary, Emery, Mark and the Jaffe family you should all be proud of the outstanding contributions that he made in the profession he loved.” 

–Stephen A. Obstbaum, MD

From personal message from Dr. Holzman:

He is my mom's first cousin, and Norman was the inspiration for me to get into medicine and ophthalmology. He was instrumental in helping me in my young years develop a plan and a goal.

He is the father of modern cataract surgery. If you read the story - click on the link to read more and take a moment to watch the video - it will give you an interesting historical perspective of cataract surgery and how Norman helped to bring cataract surgery to the United States and modernize it.  

He was also pretty cool guy.   He has four sons, three of them became ophthalmologists also. 

- jw