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Joan's 20th Anniversary with TLC

posted Nov 30, 2014, 6:14 PM by Jen Weigel
TLC Tysons Corner recently lured PRC Joan Reich to the Center for an "important meeting". Little did she know that we were celebrating her 20th Anniversary with TLC!  Now, if you want to get technical, there is some difference on when her actual 20th anniversary is:  she says now, corporate says summer 2015, and, heck, the office says that means twice as many times to celebrate! 


Joan has been with many different versions of TLC.  I think I have this right:  20/20 Vision, then Millenium Laser, then TLC.  She joined the Laser Vision Correction industry back when patients had to go to Canada for their procedures.

When reviewing her original surgery chart, I questioned why they hadn't indicated her procedure type like we do on all current charts.  She reminded me that she had her own PRK procedure before LASIK was approved so the only option for surgery at the time was PRK!  My goodness! 

She's lectured to everyone in the world about how to educate others on LVC, including surgeons, doctors, staff members, patients, me.  I try to stump her constantly, but she always has the answer, whether it's an Affiliate's TLC history, how to use Pharos, or where my surgeon is on any given day (and he's everywhere!).

Her work ethic and enthusiasm are unmatched.  She's my email buddy at midnight when we have a big deadline.  She's my proofreading pal as we seek to rid the world of grammatical errors.  She's my "shake it off" confidant when I'm having a bad day.  (Ugh.  I cannot believe that I just referenced Taylor Swift!)

Happy 20th Anniversary, Joan!  You mean the world to everyone on the TLC Tysons Team, most especially Dr. Holzman and myself.  We might not always show it, but it's definitely true!   - jw