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KAMRA Day at TLC Tysons

posted Oct 15, 2016, 9:43 PM by Jen Weigel
April 5, 2016

It was KAMRA Day at TLC Tysons!

Staff learned how to use the AcuTarget which is the diagnostic device associated with the KAMRA inlay procedure.  The AcuTarget helps us assess tear film stability, optical scatter which is needed preoperatively to assess candidacy.  Remember that with the inlay, everything with the eye has to be PERFECT, so it's crucial that we measure tear film and scatter pre-operatively.  The AcuTarget also helps Dr. Holzman in his surgical planning because it measures out the patient's Purkinje images which are necessary for placement.  

That I know of, none of us were on the cheer team in school, so go figure on this picture of staff with our training team:

Later that night, TLC Tysons also was scheduled to give an Affiliate CE on the KAMRA inlay.  Dr. Holzman had developed laryngitis, and I tell you ... it was really fun all week telling him to be quiet!  Ahahahahaha!  Because he couldn't speak very well, Dr. Eris Jordan of AcuFocus and I tag-teamed our lecture with spot input from Dr. Holzman.  I have always wanted to be a good public speaker, but I always get so nervous.  I think it really helped that Eris was very supportive and a great partner.  Thank you so much to her!

There is not yet anything that can help me consistently type KAMRA ... instead of KARMA!  Ah!

Read more about the KAMRA inlay by referencing this short set of slides:

If you think you have a good candidate, let me know!!  

All qualification criteria for LASIK/PRK still apply to KAMRA qualification.  Additionally, we're looking for:

1.  Ability to successfully obtain good results on AcuTarget testing (KAMRA diagnostic instrument).
2.  Laid back personalities that are not tied in to one specific visual task all day long.
3.  People that are 45-60 yoa-ish that are looking for visual freedom in their near vision (and distance).

Pre-KAMRA work-up would be like you would do for LASIK or PRK.  Post-op would be similar to what you would do for PRK ... lots of patience, reassurance, and then the near vision kicks in over time ... with great results!  - jw