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KAMRA Inlay Webinar Hosted by Dr. Holzman

posted Oct 22, 2016, 5:53 PM by Jen Weigel
August 10, 2016

We held our first webinar on this day!  Dr. Holzman discussed KAMRA inlay techology for surgical correction of presbyopia.  Webinars are a great way to squeeze in some CE when your schedule is busy since you eliminate travel time, but I still like live CE, too, because you get to interact with your peers.  

Dr. Holzman on GMA discussing KAMRA inlays

Read more about the KAMRA inlay by referencing this short set of slides:

If you think you have a good candidate, let us know!!  

All qualification criteria for LASIK/PRK still apply to KAMRA qualification.  Additionally, we're looking for:

1.  Ability to successfully obtain good results on AcuTarget testing (KAMRA diagnostic instrument).
2.  Laid back personalities that are not tied in to one specific visual task all day long.
3.  People that are 45-60 yoa-ish that are looking for visual freedom in their near vision (and distance).

Pre-KAMRA work-up would be like you would do for LASIK or PRK.  Post-op would be similar to what you would do for PRK ... lots of patience, reassurance, and then the near vision kicks in over time ... with great results! - jw