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Lake Ridge Vision Source Consult Night

posted Oct 22, 2016, 5:23 PM by Jen Weigel
June 28, 2016

While it was pouring down rain outside, Drs. Jablonski and Conness let us use their slit lamp video camera to capture two educational videos.

When removing BCLs, we recommend using forceps.  It's a more gentle way to remove contacts when the epithelium is still quite delicate.  Affiliates often ask me how to position their forceps when approaching the eye.  This video is a good demonstration of BCL removal technique with sterile forceps.

BCL removal with forceps

We did another video demonstrating a unique test that Dr. Holzman has us perform on all candidates for surgery.  The adhesion test is performed after instillation of proparacaine, waiting a few minutes, then gently moving a Wexel sponge or cotton-topped applicator across the inferior and superior corneal epithelium.  A negative adhesion test leaves just SPK where you touched the cornea.  That's what you'll see here on the inferior cornea.  A positive adhesion test actually involves demonstrated movement of the epithelium, and this is indicative of sub-clinical EBMD, in which case, PRK ought to be considered so as to avoid epithelial sloughing with LASIK flap creation.  That's what you'll see here on the superior cornea.  - jw

Adhesion Testing