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Lori's PRK: Part 3

posted Sep 2, 2014, 4:50 PM by Jen Weigel
Lori and I met up yesterday for her four-day post-op PRK visit.  Her epithelium had healed beautifully, so I was able to remove her BCLs OU.  Remember that the epithelium has healed, but it is also still very delicate at this stage, so it is preferable to remove the BCL as gently as possible.  

My preferred method of BCL removal is with forceps.  You can prepare the eye by using a couple of artificial tears or even a drop of proparacaine.  I generally just use tears.  Then, have your patient look downward while you gently lift the upper lid.  Using your forceps, you'll grasp the superior edge of the BCL.  You're going in parallel to the BCL, not perpendicular to it.  And, then, gently lead the BCL off the cornea.  I always stain the cornea afterward to get a better view of the healing line.

Be sure to educate your patient on basic expecteds for immediately after BCL removal:  expect a gritty sensation and also slightly blurrier vision (unless you're name is Lori).  Patients should hyper-lubricate the eyes still!

Below, you'll see the short video segment taped from the comfort of the TLC Tysons Corner Relaxation Room.  Remember that this video segment was taken in one short without pausing, and I posed the video without any editing.  - jw

Lori's four-day post-op PRK visit