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My first Advisory Board meeting

posted Apr 14, 2012, 6:49 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Nov 5, 2012, 2:50 PM ]
I had a chance to attend my very first Advisory Board meeting this past Thursday.  What an exciting process!  It was nice to see how TLC Tysons Corner actively seeks the opinions of referring Affiliates in order to improve the overall TLC experience for everyone involved.

We had a couple productive highlights from our meeting that will affect you immediately:

1.  We introduced our new clinical team - Drs. Vu-Gia, Woo, and Bathija.  We've been working hard to carefully screen your patients as consistently as possible.

2.  We discussed better communication on our ECP qualification forms - What is an ECP qualification form?  Those are the fax communications that we send you leading up to your patient's procedure.  Advisory Board members said that it was difficult to tell if patients were supposed to call the ECP or vice versa to schedule their pre-op dilation and post-op appointments.  Look for improved ECP qualification forms where we will clearly indicate already appointed dates.  If an appointment has not been scheduled for the patient, we will check a box indicating that the patient will be calling the ECP to make the appointment.

3.  We clarified what was included in a 12-month post-op appointment - The 12-month post-op LASIK/PRK check is just like the rest of the post-op appointments.  It does not include aspects of a comprehensive examination like a posterior segment evaluation.  Patients have the option of doing two visits - one 12-month post-op check and then coming back for a comprehensive exam (using their vision insurance or paying out-of-pocket for the comprehensive exam) or just doing the comprehensive exam and the 12-month post-op check at the same time (using their vision insurance or paying out-of-pocket for the comprehensive exam).

4.  We made improvements to the OD Central website -  I've reformatted the Pre-op Exam Sheet so that it allows for easier printing.  Look for other communication tools, like our new center newsletter Custom Views, too. - jw

Thanks to each of our Advisory Board members for contributing your valuable ideas tonight!  (From left to right) Drs. Unwalla, Vu-Gia, Giles, Cassella, Adam, Finley, and Jablonski.  Interested in serving on the Board?  Get together with your Professional Relations Consultants, Joan and Nicole, to discuss your future options.