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New ICL Technology Approved in Korea, Argentina

posted Jun 23, 2013, 12:54 PM by Jen Weigel
New ICL technology called CentraFLOW has been approved in Korea and Argentina.  In just a few long years that it can potentially take to get FDA approval here in the USA, we'll be next!  We're always the last to get everything, but it will be really cool to get this in the States when it finally arrives.

As it is, only high myopes with low cyl (under two) are great candidates for ICL.  The optical quality is fantastic, along with a short recovery with minimal dry eyes, glare/halos, and regression, like one might see with LASIK or PRK.  Prior to ICL insertion, one must also have prophylactic PIs OU to help ensure flow of aqueous humor in case of pupillary block.

With the CentraFLOW technology, there is a tiny, tiny little hole in the center of the ICL itself.  This allows dynamic fluid flow without degradation of image quality.  Saves the patient the risk of having to do a PI!