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Oculoplastics Lecture by Dr. Kevin Perman

posted Jan 6, 2014, 5:25 PM by Jen Weigel
Dr. Kevin Perman and his staff were so nice to work with in planning the December 2013 installment of the TLC Tysons Corner CE Series.  They were all so prompt in getting information to me, sometimes even when I requested it at the last second.  I have a feeling that working with Dr. Perman and his staff when referring a patient would go quite smoothly!  (Ha!  Now that I think about this, this last statement is true since I've had good experiences referring to them in the past.)

Dr. Perman's lecture got the requisite oohs and aahs from the audience as he showed many pictures of, well, very detailed oculoplastics cases he's worked on in the past.  I think there were a few people that wished they had not eaten dinner right before the event, too.  

Two things that really stuck out as learning experiences for me ... 

Dr. Perman mentioned that thyroid disease patients with significant proptosis often do not have optic nerve compression.  This is because the forward movement of the eye does not allow for the ocular muscles to compress on the nerves like they would had the eye been in its normal position.  

Also, oculoplastics surgeons have to create pretty detailed surgical plans.  Not only what to do within each surgery, but also how to arrange multiple surgical procedures to achieve an overall surgical result. He spends a lot of time counseling his patients on what is needed to get the goal that they have in mind.

One last factoid for you:  Did you know that there are only about 500 oculoplastics specialists in the country?!  - jw