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Olivia's First Week as Center Manager of TLC Tysons Corner

posted Aug 30, 2014, 3:44 PM by Jen Weigel

Let's all extend a great big, Texas-sized welcome to Olivia Nicola, the new Center Manger for TLC Tysons Corner!  

We certainly did an extensive, exhaustive Center Manager search, and I we are so lucky to have hit the jackpot here.  Olivia, from the first interview, was definitely well-researched and prepared for all of our grilling questions.  She was very impressive all the way through the four levels of interviews.

Olivia comes to us from new to eye care, but she is definitely not new to health care management.  She has spent many years previously managing internal medicine practices in the area, most recently at a practice associated with INOVA Fairfax.  She has been going through so many learning modules and shadowing sessions this week to learn how we do things.  So far, Olivia is soaking things up like a sponge!

As she adjusts to her new role and starts to settle in, of course, she'll be hitting the road with Joan and Nicole to meet everyone in your practices.  Olivia is excited to also be at events in our Center, so be sure to attend those fun activities, too, so that you can meet her.  

I am so excited to have a new partner in running our Center!  This is going to be so awesome!  - jw