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Staff Visitors from Lake Ridge Vision Source - Part 2

posted Feb 28, 2014, 6:23 PM by Jen Weigel
One great and easy way to build your LASIK practice is to educate your staff on how to guide a patient through the entire LASIK process correctly.  Just like we love to help our patients see better, your staff will discover the same rewarding experience, and the sense of pride that comes from helping others can easily become addictive.

Last week, we had two more staff members from Lake Ridge Vision Source come visit our Center.  Barbara Meier-Bice and Genessis Lozano teamed up together for a visit to see LASIK and PRK procedures first-hand.  I also had a chance to run through a few consultation and pre-operative visits with each of our visitors.

The really nice thing about seeing staff members is that I get to remember them better.  Honestly, when I visit offices during consult events, it's such a fast, whirlwind schedule that I don't always get to build relationships with staff like Joan and Nicole have developed.  Having staff visit our office has really become a good experience for me!  - jw