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TLC Tysons CE: Topography-guided Laser Technology

posted Oct 22, 2016, 5:47 PM by Jen Weigel
July 20, 2016    

Dr. Holzman discussed topography-guided laser technology at a TLC Tysons Corner summer CE.

As mentioned previously, we were one of the first centers in the country to offer this laser technology for your patients.  

In order to qualify for topography-guided laser technology, a patient must have a certain prescription range.  It's pretty much the myopic range for current treatment on the WaveLight EX500 laser.  Then, we have to capture at least 4 different Vario corneal topography scans that are virtually identical.  If the eye is dry, that greatly affects our ability to get good, consistent scans, so we are changing our protocols to allow for more use of NPAT prior to preop scans.  Dr. Holzman then reviews these scans along with the patient's refractive data to finalize topography-guided treatments.

In studies, by correcting corneal aberrations on the cornea using topography-guided laser technology, patients can experience sharper vision post-op LASIK and PRK.  Those with irregular corneas, say from a scar, can also have more regular corneal topography post-op, too.  

We had some extra time to review KAMRA inlay technology.  This is a photo of live Dr. Holzman talking about recorded Dr. Holzman on GMA earlier this year.

TLC has always supported all levels of optometry:  local, state, and national.  This brochure demonstrated all the ways that TLC has provided support for our profession.  - jw