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TLC Tysons Corner recognizes staff achievements

posted Feb 22, 2012, 5:16 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Feb 27, 2012, 2:14 PM ]
Kate, our Center Manager, officially recognized staff member achievements today. 

Anne, our Patient Counselor, has been with TLC for 10 years.  Whenever patients ask me a financial or scheduling question, I tell them to ask Anne because she definitely has the answer to routine questions.  If it's a unique question, then I like to play "Try to Stump Anne", but she always has the answer to that, too.  I do not have any winners on that game yet.

Lyzzy, our Front Desk Coordinator, has been with TLC for 5 years.  Whenever Lyzzy is in the office, she has everything down to the tiniest of details.  Whenever Lyzzy is out of the office, I like to play "Where Would Lyzzy Put This?".  One day, I wanted to print a sign that we had used before.  After working my way through a couple of organized folders in her Windows Explorer, I found exactly what I was looking for!  Winner!

Maria, a clinical and surgical technician, has been with TLC for 7 years (when Millennium became TLC).  She was part of the original Mellennium team.  Maria absolutely loves to clean anything and everything in sight.  Not only does this keep the clinic and surgical areas tidy, but you better not keep anything in the office refrigerator for too long either!

Joan, our Professional Relations Consultant, has been with TLC for 7 years, but her history with Dr. Holzman goes back further, just with Maria.  Joan is always on the road visiting practices to promote Dr. Holzman's surgical skills and TLC's commitment to co-management with our Affiliate Network.  Joan can remember so many details about our optometric community. 

Leni, a clinical and surgical technician, was recognized for winning the Southeast Atlantic TLC Regional Service Award.  All centers in our region were allowed to nominate a staff member deserving of recognition.  Each center then got to vote for the winner, and our Leni came out on top. 

I am sure that everyone would agree that we make a great TLC team!  - jw

02/27/2012 Update:  Wow.  7 years seems to be the magical number.  Jen Phung, clinical and surgical technician, was not able to make it to our original recognition ceremony, so we presented her framed certificate to her late last week.  I'm jealous that her hair looks so good after being in her little hair protector all day during surgeries!  - jw

Feb 22, 2012