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TLC Tysons Lauches Topography Guided Treatments on WaveLight Platform

posted Oct 15, 2016, 8:17 PM by Jen Weigel
March 1, 2016

A month ahead of the national launch of topography guided laser treatments, TLC Tysons was able to complete our training on this new platform.

We'll be using the same laser platform that we have come to trust - WaveLight EX500 and WaveLight FS200 - for LASIK and PRK treatments.  While most patients will continue to receive awesome wavefront-optimized treatments like they have been for years here, select patients may qualify for topography guided treatment.  In order to qualify, patients must have an rx that falls within current parameters (quite a good range and likely to expand over time), be able to produce stable Vario topographies which can then be sent directly to the laser for further selection, refinement by Dr. Holzman prior to final treatment.  On the Vario, patients must be able to produce a set of at least 4 nearly identical scans which requires good tear film quality and good patient cooperation/anatomy.

Topography guided treatments aim to correct corneal aberrations to that the final result is a more regularized corneal shape.  Great for patients that might have abnormal corneal scans due to, say, corneal scar.  Post-op, we'd expect the corneal maps to look much more even.  

Alcon sent their best team to train us.  OK ... I admit to being biased because this is my only - and best - team that has been with us for so many years!  - jw