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TLC Tysons Sponsors NVOS Meeting

posted Oct 15, 2016, 9:12 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Oct 15, 2016, 9:14 PM ]
March 24, 2016

Thank you to NVOS President Dr. Christina Giles and VP Dr. Nicole Teser for inviting Dr. Holzman to speak about the KAMRA inlay.

Dr. Holzman is the first to do this procedure in the DC area.  Probably you are not surprised by this fact since he was also a leader in bringing femtosecond laser technology to our area, too.

Are you keep up with this technology?  If you need to read more about it, this is a small summary presentation:

All qualification criteria for LASIK/PRK still apply to KAMRA qualification.  Additionally, we're looking for:

1.  Ability to successfully obtain good results on AcuTarget testing (KAMRA diagnostic instrument).
2.  Laid back personalities that are not tied in to one specific visual task all day long.
3.  People that are 45-60 yoa-ish that are looking for visual freedom in their near vision (and distance).

Pre-KAMRA work-up would be like you would do for LASIK or PRK.  Post-op would be similar to what you would do for PRK ... lots of patience, reassurance, and then the near vision kicks in over time ... with great results!  

At this same NVOS meeting, we were able to host our VOA President Dr. Christie Cook and our VOA Executive Director Bo Keeney.  They were able to update us on the state of the VOA which is always working to protect Optometry and our patients.  - jw