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Top 10 TLC Tysons Corner Affiliates

posted Feb 1, 2012, 7:29 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Feb 2, 2012, 10:08 AM ]
As you know, TLC is a strong supporter of the Profession of Optometry.  TLC Tysons Corner provides outstanding CE programs, sponsors Virginia Optometric Association events, and firmly believes in the refractive surgery co-management model.  Plus, it doesn't hurt that Dr. Holzman has some pretty mad surgical skills.

Given all the different ways that TLC Tysons Corner can help you grow your practice and your profession, it's no wonder that we have a large Affiliate Network.  We would like to formally recognize the Top 10 TLC Tysons Corner Affiliates, in alphabetical order:

Ender Adam, O.D.
Robert Allen, O.D.
Bonnie Bloom, O.D.
George Brown, O.D.
Frank Cassella, O.D.
Thomas Finley, O.D.
Christina Giles, O.D.
Larry London, O.D.
Keith Smithson, O.D.
Kathryn Whitescarver, O.D.

If you want your name to appear in this list next year, Joan Reich, your Professional Relations Consultant, can help you implement successful strategies to build your Laser Vision Correction practice.

Here's one hint to get your TLC numbers up higher this year:  If you look at the statistics on these top referring doctors, the vast majority of their LVC patients are referred in directly by the optometrist.  I conclude that this means the optometrist actively discussed LASIK with their patients and made an active referral.  I would bet that these doctors also book their patient's consult visit for the patient. 

Another thing to consider is what we call an attached patient.  These are patients that wander into TLC without your direct referral.  They heard about Dr. Holzman directly through his website, through the TLC corporate website, or on the radio, for example.  Your patient may or may not also list your name on their intake form.  However, using keen investigative skills, we usually find out that the patient has actually seen an Affiliate before, and we try to attach them to you for pre- and post-op care.  When you have a lot of attached eyes in the TLC system, it might indicate that a staff training session could be helpful.  Joan can help you with that!

Congratulations to our Top 10 Referring Affiliates!  We really do appreciate the trust you have in us to work with your patients.  I cannot wait to see how this list might change for 2012.  Get your competitive game on, folks!  - jw