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Topography-Guided Corneal Refractive Surgery Receives FDA Approval

posted Dec 2, 2013, 2:50 PM by Jen Weigel
Yes!  Topography-guided laser vision correction has finally been approved in the USA!  Just like with corneal cross-linking, topography-guided custom ablation treatment (T-CAT) has been approved everywhere else in the world for a while yet.  But, it's finally here ... almost.

The FDA granted the approval for the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q (the 400 series) in conjunction with its Topolyzer to analyze the corneal surface.  While I haven't personally seen this Topolyzer or used it before, I'd imagine it's like how we use the Wavescan to capture wavefront information and plug that into the VISX to create a wavefront treatment.  So, the catch is that we upgraded to the Allegretto EX500 this summer!  I asked Dr. Holzman about this, and he feels that the approval for the EX500 will come soon after this most-recent approval.  If this is true, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the Allegretto 500 gets approval soon and that we can get the Topolyzer int our office, too!

I think that the majority of patients do not specifically need topo-guided treatments.  Usually cases where Dr. Holzman felt like a topo-guided treatment was best often involved enhancement of a patient that, say, had a slightly decentered ablation.  Perhaps a denser scar that affected topography.  For a great background article on topo-guided treatments, I learned a lot from this article in Review of Ophthalmology.  - jw