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Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

posted Dec 26, 2014, 12:27 PM by Jen Weigel
It was Lori who proposed having an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest at the office this year.  And, I think it was a hit!

I personally am a supreme procrastinator, so of course I didn't get my sweater skills going until the day before the contest.  I went to the store to try to buy a sweater (lame?), but when I could not find one, I decided to make my own.  Hot glue in hand, I went to it trying to craft a Christmas-y scene.  However, I soon found that my sweater was more cute than ugly, so that's where my husband came to the rescue.  He found me a bunch of random items from my crafts supply in the basement, and hard as it was for me to do it (I like order, not randomness), I glued them onto my sweater to create the best last-minute hot mess that I could put together.

Great job, team!  - jw