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Vegetarian-Friendly Omega Three Supplements

posted May 2, 2015, 5:21 PM by Jen Weigel
Previously, I had recommended flaxseed oil to my vegetarian and vegan patients as a "good" source of omega threes.  However, I knew they were not getting as much omega three's as if they were using fish oil.  For humans to use the omega three in flaxseed oil (ALA), the body has to convert it to a useable form.  As with any chemical reaction, you won't get 100% conversion to the needed form.  On the other hand, the omega three found in fish oil is used directly by the body.

Recently, I discussed this problem with my Nordic Naturals representative.  We recommend Nordic Naturals as a very pure form of fish oil omega three supplementation for patients.  I was very surprised to learn about Algae Omega!  It's a good source of EPA and DHA that the body can use directly.  And, it's 100% vegetarian.  - jw