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WaveLight Vario Training

posted Oct 11, 2015, 2:27 PM by Jen Weigel
On Friday, October 2, 2015, we all learned how to use the new WaveLight Vario.  The Vario will help us further customize laser treatments for current patients.  But, the real delight is that it will position us to be one of the first in the USA to offer topography-guided treatments.  The data on the FDA trials for topography-guided treatments literally leaves your jaw dropped.  I mean, you thought current results were good?!  Wait until you see what topography-guided treatments will do.  

While you can apply topography-guided treatments to a wide variety of patient populations, the most-commonly mentioned demographics have been, say, those with significant scars or previously-decentered treatments.  

The Vario does many things.  It allows currently allows for pupil and iris registration for more detailed treatment planning of current patients.  It provides a detailed analysis of corneal curvature and higher order aberrations of the cornea to prepare for topography-guided treatments.  Recall that Wavescan measured HOA of the ENTIRE eye, and tried to correct all of the HOA of the entire ocular system by changing the cornea.  Here, you measure the HOA of the cornea and reshape the cornea to correct those HOA.  

Look for topography-guided treatments starting Q1 2016, at the earliest.

And, the Vario was SO EASY to learn to use!  - jw