More Cross-linking Study Advances

posted Dec 2, 2013, 9:47 AM by Jen Weigel
A lot has happened in cross-linking in the month of November.  Not sure what was so special about November, but boy did I get a lot of announcements about advances with cross-linking.

They announced two studies, one that seems to have already been in place and one that is new to me.

First, they are continuing with their cross-linking study in which they combine LASIK with cross-linking on hyperopic patients.  As we know, hyperopic patients, especially higher magnitude prescriptions, will be more likely to regress after their initial treatment, so the thinking is that combining LASIK with cross-linking (aka LASIK Xtra) will keep these patients more stable post-operatively.

Second, they are doing a new study involving Pulsed Accelerated Cross-linking to see if pulsed exposure to UVA is better than a continuous exposure to UVA like with our current study.  According to Avedro, this pulsed UVA exposure is more important when dealing with higher power processes.  

I can't wait for cross-linking to get approval by the FDA.  So many of the patients that I have seen have KCN but they are not "bad" enough to qualify for the study.  However, these are the exact patients that we want to help!  Cross-linking these patients so early on will save so much in terms of vision and overall quality of life for these patients.  - jw