Consult Day or Night

Here are the 5 W's and 1 H of Consult Nights.

WHO:  Any office looking to promote their refractive surgery co-management practice might be interested in holding a Consult Night.

WHAT:  During a Consult Night, current patients, friends, and others in the community that are interested in refractive surgery are invited to your practice to learn more about what the partnership between you and TLC Tysons Corner can offer them.  

WHEN:  Working with your office's calendar in mind, Joan will help you pick an ideal date and time for your Consult Night.  Dr. Holzman and Dr. Weigel will change their schedules to make your convenient Consult Night a reality.

WHERE:  At your very own office!  If you have one location, we will visit you there.  If you have multiple office locations, you can have one large Consult Night at your main location or you can have several smaller Consult Nights at each location.  You pick based on the characteristics of your practice.  Patients will surely be impressed when the medical and clinical leadership of the finest refractive surgery practice in the area come to your practice!

WHY:  Consult Nights are a great way to build your practice all the way around.  When you promote your event in the community, everyone will know that your practice is a leader in refractive surgery co-management.  Even if they are not interested in Lasik, patients will enjoy being in a progressive practice.

HOW:  Joan, your Professional Relations Consultant, will work closely with you and your staff to develop a successful Consult Night.  You'll work together to create potential leads to invite to your special night and other event details.  Dr. Holzman and/or Dr. Weigel will accompany Joan to your consult night to evaluate patients in your office with you.

To request a Consult Night, simply submit this form below and we will be in contact with you in short time!

(05/06/12)  NEW - Consult Days!

Our new PRC Nicole Lowry was nice enough to explain the difference between our new Consult Days versus our more traditional Consult Nights.  Here's the low down:

-  Consult days involve only the PRC.  Usually other TLC Tysons Corner staff are not present at these events (since we're seeing patients at the Center at the same time).

-  The doctor and staff are able to continue seeing their regular patients.

-  Potential Laser Vision Correction patients are scheduled for 15-30 minute appointments with Nicole.  She will go over costs, financing, and the what to expect when they visit the Center for the first time.

-  Advantage:  Doctor and staff do not have to stay after hours like with more traditional Consult Nights.

-  Advantage:  Consult Days also are a bit more relaxed since it is only a PRC there.  Some practices stay away from Consult Nights for fear that they won't be able to book enough patients for Dr. Holzman to see.

You can sign up for Consult Days using the form below.

Request a TLC Consult Day or Night