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One of the coolest things about my job is getting to work with so many of my fellow optometrists.  While I love spending time in the clinic doing direct patient care, I also love getting out into the field with our awesome Professional Relations Consultants, Joan Reich and Nicole Lowry.  They are such a blast to work with, and I truly enjoy meeting our awesome Affiliates while traveling the area with them. 

Gainesville, VA

posted Oct 23, 2016, 4:37 PM by Jen Weigel

September 28, 2016

Ah, so close, but so far away.  We don't always get to visit Affiliates in PWC, but when we do, it's always fun!

It was quite the rainy day, and while the patients were away, Joan and I spent some QT with Dr. Neda Farahmand.  Turns out she was already familiar with the KAMRA inlay!  AWESOME!  We loaded her up with plenty of TLC swag before leaving.

We then spent a good amount of time with Dr. Ally Stoeger and her new associate Dr. Nadia Sachinski.  We went over all the forms that are involved in co-management.  There are plenty!  While I know that Joan has a strong history in sales, I don't think that I've had a chance to actively see her "sell".  At consult nights, she does work with prospective patients, but she's often doing that while I'm working with patients as well.  Dr. Sachinski asked Joan how to handle some patient situations that she had been thinking about, and let me tell you:  Joan is smooth!  If you ever need help figuring out how to say something, Joan is a great resource.  - jw

Loudoun County Visits

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April 1, 2016

From our guest blogger, Dr. Patty Woo:

Kara and I worked our way over to Dr. Richard Kao and Dr. Roy Park’s office, Loudoun Eye Associates, in Broadlands.  While there I met both doctors who just happened to be free at the same time; as well as a one day LASIK post-op patient from TLC Tyson’s Corner who I had worked up for both consultation and pre-op!  How ironic!  Kara was able to sign their office up for a lead contest and the entire staff was so excited to participate.  

We stopped by InSight Eye Optique to visit Dr. Meera Sutaria back at Brambleton Town Center.  Dr. Sutaria is my neighborhood doctor!  She had just finished an exam so we were able to chat and say hello.  Kara included Dr. Sutaria’s office in the lead contest as well and everyone there was excited to participate!  It’s always nice to put faces to names I see on reports I send to co-managing doctors.

Visiting Affiliates with Kara

posted Oct 15, 2016, 5:13 PM by Jen Weigel

November 19, 2015

From Guest Blogger, Dr. Patty Woo, Clinical Director, TLC Gainesville:

My first out of the office field trip with Kara Kline, our new PRC, started out in Winchester, VA.  

Our first stop was to visit Dr. Bruce Keenan.  We were greeted with smiles from his front desk and our timing could not have been more perfect because minutes after we arrived, he stepped out from an exam.  I learned that Dr. Keenan enjoys golf and Panera Bread.   

The next stop was to visit Dr. Cheryl Robson.  Kara and I chatted with a couple of her technicians and then soon after we met Dr. Robson.  

Before leaving Winchester, we visited Dr. David Tufts.  I learned that patients tend to be more established, and associate Dr. Lynn might tend to see “younger” patients.  

Our last visit of the day was to Dr. Dimple Kapoor at her office in Haymarket.  Again, we were lucky because she was just finishing up seeing a patient when we arrived.  I learned from her that she has a new office opening up in Ashburn in early December 2015.  

All-in-all a very productive out “in the field” day where I got to meet 4 doctors, visit the city of Winchester and spend time with Kara.  

eye2eye Optometry Corner, Alexandria, VA

posted Nov 15, 2015, 7:05 PM by Jen Weigel

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, I attended the Grand Opening of eye2eye Optometry Corner's second office located in the new Hilltop area of Alexandria.

I've seen first-hand the planning that Dr. Dora Adamopoulos and crew went through to get this place up and running.  Lots of planning + lots of logistics = great new office!  Dr. Adamopoulos and Dr. VyVy Doan will now be splitting their time between their current Del Ray location and Hilltop.  Hilltop seems like a great new place with lots of other stores having grand openings just like eye2eye.

Good luck on the new office!  And, thanks to Dora for her work on the TLC Advisory Board and the VOA Board of Trustees, too!  - jw

InSight Eye Optique, Brambleton, VA

posted Nov 11, 2015, 7:49 PM by Jen Weigel

Kara and I did our first consult night together at Drs. Meera Sutaria and Jill Bierweiler's office in Brambleton, VA.  These two former optometry classmates have really clicked in private practice to create such a fun environment.  I always enjoy visiting them for our consult nights.

I think this is the first time that I've had so many staff want to be seen for consult at the same time.  The trio got together for a group consult after we'd finished seeing patients, and that had to have been the funnest time ever!  It's experiences like this that make me just love my job at TLC!

Great team, you guys!  - jw

Going Down to Fredericksburg, VA

posted Nov 11, 2015, 7:41 PM by Jen Weigel

Last week, Kara and I journeyed down to Fredericksburg, VA, for a consult night at the office of Dr. and Dr. Madison.

On our way there, we visited some Affiliates.

We were able to visit with Dr. Robert Stetekluh briefly in between patients in Alexandria, VA.  I observed Kara discussing details with his staff.  I could really tell that Kara's knowledge of laser vision correction has really grown significantly!  Great job, Kara!

I reviewed changes in soft contact lens protocols with Dr. Tina Vu Kelly at her office in Alexandria, VA.  I just looked up her background on her office website, and I'm kicking myself for not knowing that she previously lived in the Great State of Texas!  

Before our consult night, Kara and I grabbed a quick bite to eat.  Those trips down to Fredericksburg make for long days, so getting good nutrients is a must.  I'm always looking for things to take pictures of, and I really liked this one of the candle on our table!  - jw

Dr. Finley's Family Eyecare, Herndon, VA

posted Oct 29, 2015, 11:13 AM by Jen Weigel

Last night, we attended a consult night event at Dr. Finley's Family Eyecare where Dr. Colin Grant was such a huge help to us.  Consult nights are a great way to build your laser vision correction co-management practice.  Sometimes it's easier to get patients to return to a familiar place (ie, your office) to discuss LASIK/PRK options vs having them driving out to Tysons Corner for extensive testing.  After further discussing options in a relaxed setting, patients might consider proceeding with the procedure, if it's the right fit for them.

Recently, one of their staff members, Mark, attended an event at our Center where we discussed social media marketing.  Mark asked us to pose for a picture after the consult night so that he could write a Facebook post.  I didn't realize that he was their office's social media guru!  And, I loved that he was just excited about taking photos and such for his website, just like I am for OD Central.  : )  Great job, Mark!  - jw

Prince William County visits

posted Oct 11, 2015, 2:12 PM by Jen Weigel

On Thursday, September 17, 2015, I found myself with a little extra time on my hands, so I took Kara out into the field again.  She's mostly familiar with DC traffic, so introducing her to NOVA traffic was ... interesting?  

We went to Manassas, VA, to visit with Dr. Joanna Wen, who used to be a per diem staff optometrist at TLC Tysons.  When she became a partner in her current practice, she was no longer able to help us out because her hands were more than full.  Together with her partner Dr. Panner, they have moved into a larger office space to allow their vision therapy patients to fully experience their in-office therapy sessions.  The place looked wonderful!  Great job, Dr. Wen!

We then headed over to the TLC Gainesville office to visit Dr. Patty Woo and JoAnne.  The Gainesville office is able to see patients for initial consultation.  They do post-op visits also, in case you are not in your office on the day your patient needs to be seen.  - jw

First Time Out with Kara - Fairfax, VA

posted Oct 11, 2015, 1:42 PM by Jen Weigel

Our new PRC Kara started on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.  As part of her training, she spent her first week with the TLC Rockvile crew, and then her second week was spent with us at TLC Tysons.  I had lots of fun showing her how to make patient folders, having her shadow everyone as they worked with patients, and quite frankly, there's no better way to learn than just plain jumping in, so I took her out into the field on Monday, September 14, 2015, to visit some Affiliates in the Fairfax, VA, area.  I was a little bit nervous because this was my first time to take someone else in the field with me!  Up until now, I was always the one tagging along.  

We stopped by Fair Oaks Mall first.  Dr. Fei Chan was kind enough to meet with us on short notice.  This was my first time to hand out business cards, brochures, and pens.  I organized them in my little TLC bag that I took everywhere with me.  It gave me insight into just why Joan's car trunk is always so full of TLC materials!  We also met with Dr. Soma Bose who was so much fun!  She and her office manager had great suggestions on improving communications between offices.

We missed Dr. Ashish Chhitwal at his Fairfax City office, but his office manager, Kat, was eager to tell us about their new office location that would be kicking off soon.  I have known Kat for a while now, so I'm sure she will keep Kara busy!  Dr. Terri Vo had an interesting difference in patient demographics between her two offices.  One tends to have more established patients while the other tends to have younger patient demographics.

We ended our afternoon by visiting Dr. Deborah Kim in Fairfax City.  When Kara told me that she might have met Dr. Kim before, I hate to admit that I brushed her off.  I mean, come on.  She had only been on the job for like 4 days!  But, I had to eat my words when, in fact, they had actually met each other the week before at TLC Rockville!  

What a productive afternoon.  And, best of all, I got her back to the office safely and on time.  Staff likes to say that I am a bad driver with an unreliable car, but they are so wrong about that!  - jw

Dr. Aileen Nguyen - Alexandria

posted Oct 10, 2015, 8:55 PM by Jen Weigel

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, Joan and I went to visit Dr. Aileen Nguyen in Alexandria.  What a blast from the past!  Before joining TLC Tysons as Clinical Director four years ago, I was a per diem staff doctor at Tysons, Reston, and Gainesville.  They called me in at the last minute one time, which I was happy to do, but when I showed up for work, Joan informed me that I would be shadowed by ... yup, you guessed it ... Dr. Nguyen!  You guys know that I love to plan things.  I don't necessarily like impromptu changes, but I put on my best smile and just had to wing it, hoping that Dr. Nguyen and I would get along well!  Oh, and we did!

When we met up for lunch, it was so good to relive this memory with her.  Lots of good laughs!  It was as though time hadn't passed at all.  - jw

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