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Alexandria and Arlington, VA ... Oh, yes ... Also Ashburn, VA

posted Apr 20, 2013, 11:05 AM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Apr 21, 2013, 8:22 PM ]


Nicole and I went to visit Affiliates in what started out to be Alexandria and Arlington, but another A city got thrown into the mix ... Ashburn!

Dr. Jeff Chuh of Arlington was our first stop.  We were lucky enough to catch him in between patients, but not lucky enough to have a frame for our poster.  Nicole has been busy with her creative gene.  For practices that have a lot of foot traffic, like Dr. Chuh's office inside Crystal City Mall, Nicole would like to have a poster displayed at the front of your office promoting your refractive surgery co-management services.  It's a good way to drive traffic into your office!  We'll be back with a good frame so that your poster is mounted appropriately!

I specifically asked Nicole if we could go visit Dr. Joshua Schutte of Alexandria.  As you may already know, we've really increased our rate of PRK procedures, a general trend noticed across the the entire profession, not just with us.  Of his own initiative, Dr. Schutte asked some WONDERFUL clinical questions about PRK management, and this just really impressed me so much!  His current PRK patient is going to be so well cared for because of Dr. Schutte's own preparation which is a supreme demonstration of professionalism and desire to expand one's clinical skills set.  Plus, I can just see myself approving all of his future patients for PRK.  Hahaha.  Just kidding!  

In a previous post, I discussed how it's hard for some new Affiliates to make it out to the Center for shadowing before they are able to see co-mx patients.  New Affiliates have challenges that more established docs might not have.  As a whole, they are probably graduating with greater loans and debt that we did, and this drives them to work more than the average OD.  When we met up with Dr. Joshua Yoo of Arlington, he had one of those work schedules that was not conducive to actually making it into the Center.  This would be a great situation where we could come visit a practice to complete a "certification" program.  Great to see a fellow SCO grad!

While I had not planned on making my way to Ashburn with Nicole for her Consult Day event with Dr. Peyam Mojallal, I couldn't bear the thought of Nicole sitting in traffic all by herself.  I know that would have absolutely driven me bonkers.  Plus, I missed seeing Dr. Mojallal when we stopped by his office last week.  We had a great discussion about the two ends of the visual spectrum of patients ... refractive surgery where patients are sometimes bummed about missing one letter on the 20/20 row ... to low vision, which Dr. Mojallal practices, where patients are excited by optical devices that help them function better in their lives.  I feel like Nicole and I also had a chance to see how we interacted with patients. - jw