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Arlington, VA

posted Feb 13, 2013, 5:48 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Feb 13, 2013, 6:30 PM ]
I started out the day with Joan by making a few pit stops to two Falls Church practices that were running low on informational brochures and Dr. Holzman's biography cards.  Whenever you're running low on these promo materials, you have a lot of options to replenish your supply:  you can order them on OD Central under the Request Information Section, you can email your PRC directly, you can email/call/text me, or you can call the office directly!

We met up with Dr. Linh Hoang-Braley next.  What was cool is that we actually were able to meet Nicole there, too.  I usually only get to go out with one of our two PRCs, but today, I was lucky enough to see both of them!  Dr. Hoang-Braley was every bit as nice as our PRCs promised me she would be, so I'm very happy that I got to have some in-person face time (is that redundant?) with her today.

Next, we visited Dr. Amy Khong in Clarendon.  I think this was seriously the first time that I've seen OD Central on another person's computer.  I know we get a lot of traffic because my Google Analytics tells me so, but it's quite surreal seeing our Affiliate website on an Affiliates computer!  Great job, Dr. Khong!  She uses our Affiliate website to make sure she always has the newest pre- and post-op TLC Tysons Corner forms.  Did everyone know that the forms were updated last week?

We made it to Dr. Terri Vo in Shirlington just before it started raining.  This office was so cute.  Many thanks to Dr. Vo's optician for recommending a place to get tiny but effective task lamps -- IKEA.  While sitting at the front desk area of our office last week, I noticed that there was something lacking, and I finally concluded that the missing piece of the puzzle was ... light.  IKEA here I come!  I honestly have no idea how you guys get anything done since you are next door to the Best Buns Bread Company.  Yum!  - jw