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Developing a new respect for our PRCs

posted Jul 14, 2012, 5:13 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Jul 14, 2012, 5:19 PM ]
Joan and Nicole know that I respect them both greatly, but after spending more time out in the field recently, I have developed greater insight into the technicalities of their job!

They spend a lot of time in traffic in order to make it to all the different offices that they visit in any given day in all sorts of weather ... muggy, rainy, windy, super cold.  They keep tons of TLC info in their trunks.  Where do they put things like groceries?!  Probably in the same place as where they keep lunches or snacks that they might bring to an office.  And, they often skip lunch because all of us docs like to hold meetings or staff education during traditional lunch hours.  Oh, and if they have a consult night or CE event, they probably easily clock 12+ hours for the day.  Next time you see these exceptional ladies, thank them for a consistent job well done!

I spent part of Wednesday and most of Friday with Joan this past week.  We had lots of fun, as always.  I can't believe the history she has on our profession!

On Wednesday, Joan took me to Georgetown for the first time.  After picking up some supplies, we headed over to the Pentagon City Mall (another first for me) to visit with Dr. Stephen Parker, the winner of this quarter's Lead Contest.  Congratulations!  Enjoy your prize!

We then visited the newly remodeled NVDO Crystal City office.  Drs. Sapho Doan and Theodora Vroustouris met with us before we had to return to the office for a staff meeting.  Many thanks to the patient who informed me that they often call her Dr. V.  Much easier!

Friday got off to a great start with a visit to Drs. Ender Adam, a TLC Tysons Corner Advisory Board member, and James Kim, who recently spent a day with us at the Tysons office.  Dr. Michael Davidson of Springfield, VA, taught me the many virtues of weighing risk vs benefit properly.  In an effort to be as safe as possible, I will bring a helmet the next time I drive along with Joan.  (Just kidding.  She is a very good driver, all things considered.)  I was told that Dr. Davidson is not a big fan of pictures, so thanks to Mike for offering to be a stand-in for him.  I did, however, get pics of their office post-LASIK photos with Andy.

Most of the staff at Drs. Richard Jablonski and Diane Conness' office were able to attend our recent Vision Source Tech Night which is a huge deal because they were coming all the way from Woodbridge.  Joan says that Drs. Jablonski and Conness have very successful Consult Nights because both staff and doctors are motivated to make each night's event as productive as possible.  They are planning two Consult Nights this fall!

Dr. Nabila Hussaini and I have bonded over a one particular patient whose expectations were extremely high.  When this patient was taking up excessive chair time with questions, she asked if it was possible to refer him back to TLC for post-op care.  I agree with Joan on this one:  That's what we're here for!  And, if your patient starts taking up too much of my time, I'm going to refer to Andy.  : )

Dr. Gene Sweetnam's Lorton office proudly displayed photographs representing his extensive military service.  Dr. Sweetnam organized an NVOS service project where he collected used glasses from many NVOS members for distribution to people in Haiti after their earthquake. 

Our last stop of the day was to visit Dr. Nimi Mahendroo in Burke, VA.  Dr. Mahendroo asked a great question about Dr. Holzman's cross-linking study.  This study is for patients that actually have keratoconus.  KCN suspects are not allowed to participate in the study, but if you needed TLC Tysons to do a Pentacam for your patient to help your clinical care, by all means, let me know!  Contact me directly, and I will help your patient get scheduled quickly and correctly.

Thanks for the great week, Joan! - jw