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Dr. Jill Bierweiler, Brambleton, VA

posted Aug 28, 2014, 7:04 PM by Jen Weigel
Thanks to Dr. Jill Bierweiler and staff in Brambleton for hosting a consult night recently.  This was the first time that Nicole and I teamed up with Dr. Bierweiler, and turn out was great for the event!

Consult nights are a great way to generate patient interest in Laser Vision Correction.  Getting staff involved in promoting your practice's consult night event helps them understand their role in building this portion of the growing practice.  If you want to host a consult night, please talk to Joan or Nicole to arrange one.  Dates are limited - there's only so many of us to go around! - so you'll want to schedule ahead of time!

Wasn't it kind of Dr. Bierweiler to come down to my level for our picture?  I asked her to do that jokingly not even thinking that she would do it!  : )  - jw