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Dr. Scott Dilzer, Dilzer Eye Care Associates

posted Sep 16, 2011, 9:32 AM by Jen Weigel
Dilzer Eye Care is way out in Purcellville, VA, but our visit with Dr. Dilzer's office last night was well worth the drive.  Turns out Purcellville is a really nice place!  Joan (Professional Relations Consultant), Anne (Patient Coordinator), Dr. Holzman (you should already know him), and I saw about 10 patients at the Dilzer Eye Care Consult Night.  Great turnout!  Many thanks to his staff for helping us during the entire event.  - jw


Anne's wondering why Dr. Dilzer and Dr. Holzman insist on texting each other when talking face to face would do just fine.

Dr. Dilzer's staff helped us throughout the entire night.  Not pictured is their Tech Support guy who was called out at the last minute to fix our ... and by our, I mean Joan ... computer issues!