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Dr. Seema Mohanan, Ashburn, VA

posted May 2, 2015, 2:38 PM by Jen Weigel
After participating in AOA Advocacy Day activities in DC, I headed out to the suburbs to Dr. Mohanan's first consult night.  

Consult nights are a great way to generate LASIK interest in your practice.  Unless you're discussing LASIK directly with your patients, they often won't know that you actively co-manage refractive surgery patients.  Even when you have promo materials in your office, it often doesn't "click" in your patients' mind until you make the firm recommendation that Dr. Holzman is the most-qualified surgeon for their refractive surgery needs.

I was really impressed with how organized Dr. Mohanan's office was.  She did a great job with building the office out, and her cousin did an awesome job designing her logo.  

Mental note:  Don't put me in charge of buying cookies for events.  I was so hungry driving all the way out to Ashburn that I have to admit:  I ate a cookie while driving.  - jw