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Drs. Samuel Weir and Bradley Church - Really Far from Tysons

posted Oct 10, 2015, 6:30 PM by Jen Weigel
This summer, Dr. Patty Woo took over the role of Clinical Director of TLC Gainesville.  She kicked off her new assignment with visits to Affiliates from further out West.  

From our guest blogger, Dr. Woo:

During my second week of working in the TLC Gainesville office, Joanne and I decided to take a road trip to visit our OD affiliates to help spread the word that our office was equipped to handle LASIK/PRK consultations.

First stop was to Culpepper, VA, where we visited Dr. Bradley Church.  We were greeted by Dr. Church’s staff members as well as a couple patients.  Dr. Church was super friendly and inviting.  We all chatted for a bit and then he thanked us for making the long drive to visit him.  I’m just glad we came on a day he was actually there!  He's in their Culpepper office on Tuesdays only.

Our next destination was to Warrenton to visit Drs. Samuel Weir, Shannon Colbourne and Derrick Badaracco.  Luckily it was Dr. Weir’s lunch hour so we were able to chat with him and help answer his questions.  He had a patient that was scheduled for PRK surgery that week, and we discussed PRK follow-up and management.  I felt very fortunate to be meeting him and what made it even better was that he too was so friendly! 

Our post-lunch stop was to Drs. Thomas Wood and Barbara Masiello’s office.  Friendly staff greeted us again and let us know that Dr. Masiello was in the office.  Dr. Masiello knew about our Gainesville location since she had already attended the TLC Gainesville Open House.  

All in all a very successful meet and greet within the Gainesville territory.  We are looking forward to our next excursion and hopefully get to reach as many OD’s as we can.