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Fairfax County, VA

posted Jul 5, 2014, 5:19 PM by Jen Weigel
Wow!  Time has really flown by fast these past couple of weeks.  While I've been adjusting to increased administrative responsibilities, I had OD Central posting on hold, but it's time to get back to something that I love to do!

Nicole and I went out into the field together at the beginning of May this year.  It was so cute to be with her because she'd just started to show a little bit, and everyone was congratulating her on the new baby set to arrive in September.  I think everyone should try their best to keep the pregnant Nicole happy by sending in new leads!  : )

I wanted to visit Dr. Chris Son, Tysons Corner, VA, so we started from there.  We'd been working together on an interesting PRK case, and things were panning out well like we'd hope it would.  Even though we're super close in geographic terms (I think that I could easily walk to his office from the Center!), I actually hadn't been to visit Dr. Son's office yet. 

Next, Nicole wanted to take me to visit an established practice that had just added a new associate.  Instead, we were surprised to find that practice owner Dr. Ashish Chhitwal, Arlington, VA, was seeing patients that day.  This was probably one of the most active conversations I'd ever had about how to appropriately discuss laser vision correction options during a comprehensive eye exam!

The last time that I visited Dr. Hugh Steer's office in Ballston, VA, I'd actually met his associate, so I was happy to get to meet him personally this time.  Nicole taught Dr. Steer and his staff how to book appointments online for his patients.  When I was an affiliate, I used to call the Center directly to schedule appointments for my patients, but the new website allows you to schedule consultations in a fast, easy way.  I was really impressed!

Dr. Emily Ngo, Arlington, VA, has the absolute cutest business cards ... ever!  She's a total dog lover, and her cards show her little Corgi sporting a pair of glasses.  Now, I was very envious of her abilities to get her dog to sit still long enough to get that pic.  I had tried to do the same with my little Pepper, but that girl wanted nothing to do with glasses.  Dr. Ngo was kind enough to share her secret with me:  Photoshop!  Of course!

Hey, I must've had a heck of a time this day with Nicole because I wrote this post all from memory.  This must mean that my brain still works!  - jw