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Going Down to Fredericksburg, VA

posted Nov 11, 2015, 7:41 PM by Jen Weigel
Last week, Kara and I journeyed down to Fredericksburg, VA, for a consult night at the office of Dr. and Dr. Madison.

On our way there, we visited some Affiliates.

We were able to visit with Dr. Robert Stetekluh briefly in between patients in Alexandria, VA.  I observed Kara discussing details with his staff.  I could really tell that Kara's knowledge of laser vision correction has really grown significantly!  Great job, Kara!

I reviewed changes in soft contact lens protocols with Dr. Tina Vu Kelly at her office in Alexandria, VA.  I just looked up her background on her office website, and I'm kicking myself for not knowing that she previously lived in the Great State of Texas!  

Before our consult night, Kara and I grabbed a quick bite to eat.  Those trips down to Fredericksburg make for long days, so getting good nutrients is a must.  I'm always looking for things to take pictures of, and I really liked this one of the candle on our table!  - jw